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BBC Newsday, China's Premier Li Qiang visits Australia, BBC Newsday, 17 June 2024

Stephen Cenatiempo, ADF Policy to recruit permanent residents from NZ, UK, US & Canada, Talking Canberra 2CC, 5 June 2024

Rob Young, Chinese fighter jet detonates flares above Australian helicopter, BBC Word Service, 7 May 2024

Michael Pachi, Australia's National Defence Strategy, 2GB, 27 April 2024

Breaking Politics - the week in #auspol
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Thomas Oriti, AUKUS: Investment in UK Submarine Industrial Base, ABC News Radio, 22 March 2024

Michael Mclaren,Uncertainties surround US-Australia submarine deal amid budget discussions,2GB Sydney, 14 March 2024

The RAN Needs to Grow, 2CC Talking Canberra, 30 October 2023

Australia's Royal Australian Navy Needs to urgently expand, ABC News Radio, 30 October 2023

Australia sends aircraft and personnel to the Middle East, ABC News Radio Evening, ABC News Radio, 25 October 2023